Rubik’s 360

Professor Erno Rubik is slated to unveil a new puzzle at a German toy industry fair Thursday. The Rubik’s 360 is a series of three nested transparent spheres. There are six colored balls in the center sphere. The goal is to move each to the corresponding color slot on the outer sphere. The zinger is that one of the inner spheres only has two holes!

Student Joel Gouly , 18, from Leeds, who can solve the Rubik’s Cube blindfolded in under one minute, said: “It looks like more of a physical game that requires dexterity whereas the Cube is something to ponder but there’s no reason it can’t catch on.

“It would be hard to beat the original Cube though.”

rubiks360Rubik has introduced other toys and puzzles in the three decades since the Rubik’s Cube became a worldwide hit, but none have caught on anywhere near as well. Still, the time may be right for a toy like this, since the economic climate encourages people to buy simple, non-electronic toys. Sales of the original Rubik’s Cube have quadrupled in Britain over the past two years. The Rubik’s 360 is scheduled to go on sale to the public in August.

[via Arbroath]


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