Monday Morning Links Serving: The January 26th Edition

Windows 7 Beta in-depth impressions
Engadget’s gone and pulled together all its thoughts and impressions so far on the Windows 7 Beta into one big review, showing its true love for MS Paint in the process.

How to Find the Sweet Spot When Buying Electronics
The “sweet spot” is the ideal point where you get the highest performance (and quality) at an optimum price.

Five Best Portable Applications
Whether you got a shiny new flash drive over the holidays or your old thumb drive is looking for a new lease on life, pack it full of goodness with these five killer portable applications.

4 Tools You Need To Predict The Death Of Your Hard Drive
If there is one piece of equipment in your computer that you would predict to fail first, what would it be? Some might pick the power supply, some might pick the motherboard and even some might pick the video card. Most however, are going to choose the hard drive.

Top 10 Apple Moments – TIME
Steve Jobs was a 21-year-old college dropout living with his parents in Los Altos, Calif, where he and two friends, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, would hang out in the garage. For other trios, this would be the beginning of a rock band; but Jobs, “Woz” and Wayne had other things on their minds.


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