Inventing the next amazing thing

In the following video presentation, inventor Woody Norris shows off two of his inventions that treat sound in new ways, and talks about his untraditional approach to inventing and education. As he puts it: “Almost nothing has been invented yet.” So — what’s next?


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  1. Great stuff, can't wait until they're cheap and can produce music so that we can all decide weither we want to talk or dance to the music in a club.

  2. Make synchronised ultrasound sources interfere so that you can hear a combination of their wavelengths is not really new. I'm pretty sure about that as some of my high school buddies demonstrated a working prototype of that 4 years ago. Sponsor was already a car-maker. I remember museums were also interested…

    Still, good speech and interesting guy!

  3. A drunk soldier was on a bar stool next to me sometime in the 90's. He described a system using a much older version of these that could mask the sound of a helicopter as it approached.

    The idea has been around for a while, but this guy apparently had figured out a way to build them for a reasonable price. The last commercial version I saw before this one cost $10,000 for the same thing he sells for $1,000.

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