Monday Morning Links Serving: The December 8th Edition

10 Really Cool Google Chrome Hacks
Google’s Chrome browser is fast becoming the geeks’ choice, as users all over the world tinker with it and explore its deeper capabilities.

Will Windows 7 Make Old Hardware Feel New Again?
There are a lot of Windows XP users who are hoping Windows 7 is their operating system salvation. Even though it’s pretty obvious that Win7 is more like Vista than XP, but there is still heavy interest from XP users.

Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7 (MS Silverlight required)
How has Windows evolved, as a general purpose operating system and at the lowest levels, in Windows 7? Who better to talk to than Technical Fellow and Windows Kernel guru Mark Russinovich?

Worm infects 1.1M Windows PCs in 24 hours
It would make ‘one big badass botnet,’ says Finnish security company.

A world free from DRM, copyrights and patents
What would it be like to wake up tomorrow and have the ability to take everything that exists and recreate it as needed absolutely free from royalty or limitation?

13 Alternative Search Engines That Finds What Google Can’t
Google has become the standard search engine of virtually every web-goer on the internet today. But that certainly doesn’t mean that other search engines can’t do a decent, if not better, job and this list has been compiled for just this reason.


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  1. May I ask a question? i have really wanted this, but have not found out how to do it and you are doing it here..

    When I highlight your test in a paragraph, the background color is white, while the text changes to blue.

    Can you tell me how to do this? I am sure it is something easy in CSS, I just haven't looked too deep.

    Thanks in advance,

    ~ Jim

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