US Congress featured on two new YouTube channels

Are you getting tired of watching skateboarding dogs, self-absorbed teenagers, or worse-than-Karaoke covers of washed up hits?  Well, get ready for some really exciting content on YouTube:  channels covering your favorite US Senators and Representatives.

The YouTube blog says, “These YouTube channels have the potential to make Congress more transparent and accessible than ever before.”  Heh, heh — transparent — heh, heh — accessible — heh, heh.

With that build-up I’d be expecting close-up candid shots of money being passed between Congressional hands, Senatorial eyes peering through bathroom stalls, leaders of our country keeping trysts with call girls and Congressional pages, and various other reality plots that would make any cable TV series seem as tame as Barney and Friends by comparison.

But I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.   It looks like the Congresspeople themselves (or their handlers) are selecting and posting the videos, which means that they’re more likely to be a cross between CSPAN and campaign commercials.  Some of the sites do allow comments, however, so it’s possible we could see some interesting feedback.

C’mon, Nancy Pelosi, we want to see you do the Carlton dance.


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