When you want it clean, there’s Cyber Clean!

Are you tired of whacking your keyboard face down on your desk to get all the old bread crumbs out? Do you feel ashamed when your favorite tech support person has to come replace your keyboard because you dropped too much crap in it? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then please watch the following video!

Apparently, The Cyber Clean compound can clean all your favorite tech gadgets while killing most germs on contact. Unfortunately, the Cyber Clean goo doesn’t last forever, and as it absorbs dirt, it progressively changes color from yellow to greenish-blue. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what’s inside this mysterious substance, just have a quick look at its data safety sheet (PDF)… ethanol, glycerol… “Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause irritation of eyes and skin.” Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like a very healthy substance… but most cleaners aren’t anyways. If it can kill germs, it can’t be good for you either.

[Product Page | Via Technabob]

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    • Get an InvisibleShield. It protects your phone and it's much easier to wipe off than the regular screen.

      What localization is that keyboard that has the Z key where the Y should be? Is it a QWERTZ keyboard? Oh, and it looks kind of Mac-y, too…with the Command/Open Apple key next to the space bar.

  1. Just put your keyboard facedown in the top of a dishwasher. Use a fraction on the normal amount of detergent and the coolest wash. Just make sure the cable is secure as you don't want it loose in there!

    Also DO NOT put fancy LCD or wireless keyboards in there…they don't like it!! Once the cycle is finished just rinse the excess detergent off under a tap and leave upsidedown to dry for a day or two. We clean all our keyboards at work like that and it works a treat.

      • I know it sounds wrong, I thought the same too so experimenting at work was the key. But to my surprise it really does work very well. The key is making sure you rinse them well afterwards and using a very small amount of detergent as otherwise you get a residue.

  2. The cell-phone guy in the beginning is pretty disgusting.

    The latest-generation Apple aluminum keyboards are, IMO, the best keyboards on the planet (I went through the IBM keyboard phase and don't think it's as good as people say it is). Very easy to clean too…

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