Monday morning links serving: The January 5th edition

The Seven Deadly Sins of Geekdom
7 deadly sins of nerds, geeks and aspiring “mad scientists”.

Spotify, An Alternative to Music Piracy
Spotify is a music service that gives users access to a huge library of music, through a lightweight application that looks like a mashup of the best parts of iTunes and Music is streamed, partly supported by P2P technology, but it plays instantly, like we’ve never seen before.

The Google Linux desktop has arrived
People have talked for years about Google taking Microsoft on with its own Linux desktop. Guess what? Google may already have sneaked a Linux desktop out without anyone noticing… until now.

Ballmer’s CES Keynote Promises To Be A Snoozer (Non-Announcements Revealed!)
The annual Consumer Electronics Show is going to be so boring this year that even Bill Gates is not showing up. He gave his farewell keynote (and his 13th) last year. This year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will try to rouse the crowd.

Mars rovers roll on to five years
The US space agency’s (Nasa) Mars rovers are celebrating a remarkable five years on the Red Planet.

Friended by Mom and Dad on Facebook
The Facebook group entitled “For the love of god — don’t let parents join Facebook” has 5,819 high school and college-aged members who want to stop the growing number of parents who are joining Facebook, the massively popular social networking site, from “spying” on them.


2 Responses to Monday morning links serving: The January 5th edition

  1. About the Facebook thing, my mother and my friends' parents are all joining up on Facebook recently. Heck, my family could start their own group and plan family reunions with it.

    For a while now I've been growing away from Facebook all together. I shut it down for a month once and got criticized by 'everyone' because I wasn't seeing their pictures. So I turned it back on for the pictures alone.

    But as a token of revenge, I linked my Google Shared Items and my blog to it, so new friends keep clamoring about how I'm torturing them with the constant shared news stories and blog updates. Teehee.

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