Apple iPhone 3G Hits that Magic $99.00 Number

By Will Sullivan,
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Nope, contrary to some recent speculation, it’s not from Wal-mart (where the “discount” is currently only two bucks). It’s from AT&T…

…the catch? It’s only the 8GB model…and it’s a refurb. (And there’s the obligatory two-year contract, natch.)

Still…it’s under a 100 clams! (The 16GB model, also reburbed, goes for a far less compelling, as I see it, $199.) And, it’s all only through New Year’s Eve…so if all Santa gave you for Christmas was a few lumps of coal, better head on over to the AT&T refurb site and snag ya a keeper!

[Via CNET]


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  1. I don't get why this is so special.. Both the 8G and the 16G are free here (UK) with the 18/24 month contracts on O2…

    Edit: Forgot to mention, brand new, not even refurbished..

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