Wednesday Geeky Pics: Action Figures

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The action figure is something of a geek staple, especially for the kids-at-heart. I’ve never been a collector myself, but I do have a pint-sized Captain Jack Harkness sitting on my computer monitor. Still, I’ve got nothing on these guys…

And the Puff Shall Rule Them All! (Be sure to check out the link on this one to see if you can identify them all!)

Only a Geek Could Love Him? (Poor Spike, spending eternity in that shirt…)

Wand Issues (I hear it happens to every wizard.)

Battle to the Death (Kirk vs. Klingon – “I’m going to beat those wrinkles back into your forehead!”)

It’s Really Amazing That I’m Not Still a Virgin (That’s the caption the photographer gave it. I wasn’t even going to try to come up with something else. I don’t know, though… the mac is kind of sexy even if the Hulk isn’t.)

“Don’t Worry, I’ll Rescue You – Er, Me!” (It must be a time bubble!)

The Real Hero? (I think I’m slightly insulted. Still, at least it’s fully poseable and comes with a user manual…)

Geek Multiverse (Yay for crossovers! Is your money on Xena or Obi-Wan?)

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