Monday Morning Links Serving: The December 8th Edition

Songbird 1.0 is finally here!
The long-awaited cross-platform media player finally reaches version 1.0! Check it out!

First Look at Opera 10
Opera 10 is looking to offer stiff competition with the blazing rendering engines in the upcoming Firefox release (Tracemonkey) and Google Chrome (V8) with an update to its rendering engine, Presto.

Microsoft Signs Major Deal with Dell for Live Search
Microsoft and Dell have signed a deal via which Dell will be shipping new PCs with the Live Search toolbar preinstalled, according to sources familiar with the arrangement between the two companies.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Netbook
So you want to get a small, cheap notebook (or netbook) if you will, what are the five things you should know before plunking down your cash?

10 Reasons To Choose Linux in a Bad Economy
Whether the ailing economy is real or imagined, you might be looking for ways to shed some pounds off your bloated IT budget. You should seriously consider Linux and Open Source software to put your 2009 financial appetite on a diet. Here are 10 reasons to choose Linux in a bad economy and none of them have to do with the fact that Linux is free.


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