The Tilted Twister

The Tilted Twister is a geek trifecta. It’s 1) a robot, 2) made from LEGO Mindstorms kits, and 3) solves a Rubik’s cube in a delightfully geeky manner. I could watch this all day!

Just place the scrambled cube on Tilted Twister’s turntable. An ultrasonic sensor detects its presence and starts to read the colors of the cube faces using a light sensor. The robot turns and tilts the cube in order to read all the faces. It then calculates a solution and executes the moves by turning, tilting and twisting the cube.

It’s not even connected to a PC! Instructions for making your own included. My kids would kill for this, but unfortunately, they would expect me to build it.

[via Metafilter]


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