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Top 10 Things You Can Do with a DVD
The proliferation of thumb drives and external hard drives has made optical media like DVDs seem a little less handy—but there are still plenty of ways to put DVDs to good use.

Dear Firefox: Please forgive me
When we met three years ago, I thought: This is it, the browser I’ve been waiting for. I’ve found my life partner. Then, last September, Google Chrome came into my life.

Giz Explains: Every Video Format You Need to Know
Once upon time, video codecs and formats were really only the concern of AV nerds, anime freaks and hardcore not-so-legal movie downloaders. Now, even the most part-time of geeks has to deal with them.

Etherpad Shows Google Docs How It’s Done
A team of ex-Googlers, with backing from Y Combinator, the Friendfeed founders and others, have created what might be both the ugliest and most useful group productivity app we’ve seen. Etherpad, a new product from Appjet, launches this morning, and you must try it out.

There and Back Again: Top 10 Blogs to Explore
In this article, blogger extraordinaire Aaron Brazell lists 10 blogs he thinks everybody should read.


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