At Least There Wasn’t a Murder This Time

by Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Another story about a virtually jilted woman, but at least this time she just filed for divorce instead of committing virtual murder.

The UK woman, who walked in on her husband and saw his Second Life avatar doing naughty things to a virtual prostitute, told the media, “It may have started online, but it existed entirely in the real world and it hurts just as much now it is over.”

Apparently this was his second offense, after she hired an online private investigator last year, only to catch him canoodling with another virtual woman. But this time, it’s serious. Her husband has met an American woman in Second Life and told her their marriage is over. She filed for divorce the next day. Will the cyber-cheating count against her husband in the divoce? Well, he says there there was never any cybersex. I suppose only chat logs will tell…

This isn’t exactly an uncommon story by now, just another online relationship breaking up a real one. But there are a couple of punchlines: (1) the jilted woman and her husband actually met in a chat room in 2005, and (2) she already has a new man in her life–someone she met while playing World of Warcraft.

[Image Source: flickr]


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