Firefox 3.0.4 update now available

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you go to Help and then Check For Updates in your Firefox browser, you will find that the Firefox 3.0.4 update is now available for downloading and installation.

But 30 minutes after clicking on it, I am still waiting for it to be downloaded. It seems like the Mozilla servers are getting quite a hammering at the moment so be prepared to wait a while!

According to the release notes, there’s nothing to get excited about with this new update. It’s mostly patching up security and stability issues. But they have also now brought out Firefox in some new languages including Icelandic, Thai, Esperanto, Occitan, and Welsh!

OK, is there a big demand for Occitan and Esperanto or is Mozilla just showing off?   Will the next version be in Ye Olde Englishe? Klingon perhaps? Maybe Steve Ballmer should be dispatched immediately to the Klingon High Council to offer some tasty discounts to persuade them to stay with Internet Explorer?