Alien: The Brick Edition [Pictures]

I’ve always been amazed by the creative genius of artists who use lego to re-create the things that surround them. In the past, we’ve featured people that used the medium to represent classic photos, video games scenes, and even music album art. Today, we’ll show you sci-fi fans who made up various incarnations of the infamous Alien, from the movie of the same name.

The Arvo Brothers:

Jeff Ranjo:

Mike Yoder:


You might think that the next one was built with the cargo loading machine from Alien 2 in mind, but it apparently was not. It does look similar though, thus the reason I included it in the post.


And last but not least, this absolutely amazing Predator bust from artist Misterzumbi:

As usual, we recommend that you visit each of the artists’ pages (All linked on their respective names). There’s just too much good stuff in there to be all posted here. Doing this wouldn’t really be fair to them either, so be sure to check them all out.