Get fake calls on your iPhone with Magic Tap

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Have you ever been in a social situation that you wish you could get out of?  Maybe a terrible blind date?  Or perhaps someone stops you in the street and starts talking non-stop?   Do you also have an iPhone?   Well, if so, there is a solution at hand to give you the perfect excuse to get away!

Magic Tap is an application in the iTunes Store which will make a fake call on your iPhone at a pre-set time to make it look as if you are receiving an urgent phone call.

You can apparently customize the caller name and number to anything your like. So you could enter something like “White House” and “555-555-1414”, and then when the phone rings, suddenly dash away, muttering “national security….nuclear launch codes…” under your breath.

I really have to get myself an iPhone…..