Survey finds 10% of internet users surf on the toilet

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Laptops and Wi-Fi networks have a lot to answer for it seems!   A survey by internet service provider Plusnet has found that 10% of their users have used their laptops to surf the net during a trip to the toilet either at home or at work.

Wouldn’t you find it a bit weird if a work colleague went into the toilets with a laptop under his arm and didn’t come out again for a while?   Or maybe when you’re in there and hear “click! click! click!” coming from one of the stalls beside you?!

It’s a bit like that famous Dilbert cartoon where Wally gets told that he’s getting a new cubicle, only to find out that it’s a bathroom stall.   Delighted, he sends an email to his mother from the stall saying “Mom!  I got my own office – with a door!”