USB Port – Pass It to the Left

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

A new EU trade rule has caused one winery to become a bit more creative with its naming scheme.  Peltier Stanton makes port wine, but unfortunately, only grapes grown in Portugal can be used in the official production of “port.”  Other grapes of the same variety can be used, of course, but the primary name cannot include the word in the title.

For this reason they have named their latest batch “USB” to poke fun at the EU ruling.  In fact, nowhere on the bottle is the letter combination “p-o-r-t” found.  For instance, the description on the back contains phrases like “an im____ant agreement” or “in your ____folio.”

The label design is also very nice.  The top figure forms a grape vine and the bottom figure forms the Universal Serial Bus icon.  On top of that, the pictures are made with binary that spells out “Peltier Stanton.”  You’ll definitely want to keep this bottle on your bookshelf when you’ve finished with the wine inside.

Port wines, if you aren’t terribly familiar with them, are a kind of dessert wine popular with the English gentry.  If you want to learn more, I suggest you acquant yourself with the Bishop of Norwich.  If you’re interested in buying a bottle, it’s selling for $25 on Peltier Stanton’s website.

Peltier Stanton

What geeky wine or beer would you invent if you had the chance?  I’m having trouble topping this one!

[via Gizmodo]

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