Let Current, Twitter, and Digg Guide Your Election Night Antics

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you’ve been following the election recently and happen to be a geek, odds are you get a bit of your news coverage from social networks.  Well on November 4th, two of those networks, Digg and Twitter, will be coming together on Current TV to bring you an election night watch party.  Of course the party’s not just for you…it’s for everyone on the internet!

How is it going to work?  Good question.  It looks like Current TV will have people contributing via Twitter, as usual, with Digg articles integrated as well.  On top of that,12seconds.tv (with video clips) and DJ Diplo (providing background beats) will be getting into the mix too.  I think it will definitely be worth a look on election night.  It’s about as close to a party as you can get while still sitting in front of your computer!

For more info, check out this blog post by Kevin Rose on the Digg blog and this post on the Current blog.

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