Epic Fail: Animal (From the Muppets) Outsmarts German Police

No this is not a fake picture; it’s a real shot, taken by a radar camera, of Animal (From the Muppets), driving a British Audi, and driving the German police absolutely crazy.

At first, I’m sure the policeman thought this was an amusing situation, but the culprit continues to appear on camera again, and again, and again. The reason these pictures can’t be used to find the driver is because according to German law, clear evidence of who is driving a car is needed before someone gets fined for speeding. The problem with these photos is that the German radar cameras are calibrated to take pictures of a driver sitting in the right side of a car, so in this case, the driver’s face is out of focus and makes the shots useless for prosecution.

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about this picture that cracks me up. Kudos to the British driver for a great sense of humor. Now let’s just hope he doesn’t go and kill anybody because of it.


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