Monday Morning Links Serving: The October 20th Edition

13 Of the Best Linux Tutorials and OpenCourseWare on the Web
The web can be an excellent source for Linux tutorials and training, if you know where to look. This article is meant to serve as a guide for new and advanced users who are searching for free Linux tutorials.

Vista SP2 and Windows 7 by the End of June 2009
The evolution of the Windows client, involving both Windows Vista (now with Service Pack 1) and Windows 7, appears to be closer than Microsoft is ready to acknowledge officially.

Internet Slang: Why is everyone saying “fail” all of a sudden?
What’s with all the failing lately? Why fail instead of failure? Why FAIL instead of fail? And why, for that matter, does it have to be “epic”?

Core i7: Your essential guide to Intel’s new killer
The launch of yet another new CPU architecture from Intel is nearly upon us. But what exactly can you expect when Core i7, the processor formerly known as Nehalem, arrives next month?

50 Excellent AJAX Tutorials
This post serves as a collection of useful tutorials on working with AJAX in a wide variety of ways. You’ll find tutorials on working with forms, building shopping carts, creating chat features, working with log-ins and usernames and much more.


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