Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak will be here in 5 years

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Well obviously not the rag worn by Daniel Radcliffe in the movies but a real invisibility cloak, one that actually works and makes you invisible to other people. This technology could be here within 5 years.

Now I’m not a scientist so I don’t claim to understand the science behind this (I completely crashed and burned at science at school), so I am hoping that all you science geeks out there can help me out with the nitty gritty details.

It seems that researchers from Purdue University in Indiana are using ‘nanotechnology’ and ‘metamaterials’ along with Einstein’s theory of general relativity to make the cloak.

The cloak will eventually work by “bending light around itself like the flow of water around a stone, which would make both the electromagnetic cloak and the object inside hidden”.

“The whole idea behind metamaterials is to create materials designed and engineered out of artificial atoms, meta-atoms, which are smaller than the wavelengths of light itself” Professor Vladminr Shalaev said.

It’s a pity though that if such a cloak is ever made, the first people who will get their hands on it will be… the US military! The chances of people like you and me getting our hands on it will be very slim indeed!