Breaking Out? Check Your Cell Phone!

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, long sessions of gabbing on a metal cellphone may cause an itchy rash to break out on your face. Great, so cellphones might give us brain cancer and acne? Let’s call the whole thing off!

Okay, actually, no need for panic. In fact, this scientific finding is kind of a no-brainer. That shiny metal surface on many cellphones is nickel… to which approximately 30% of the population is already allergic. This is why many women have to be careful to wear only gold or sterling silver jewelry. I actually have the same problem, which is why I know that I can’t wear belts with metal buckles. I also know that if I held a belt buckle up against my face for hours at a time, I’d get an itchy rash. Duh.

So I’m not sure why this condition needs a special name like “mobile phone dermatitis,” but there you have it. At least there’s a simple solution for anyone worried about that bad skin geek stereotype. If you get an unexplainable rash on your face… try getting a phone that’s not made of nickel. Problem solved!

[Image Source: Flickr]