PST Panic! Because nothing sucks more than PST files

Long-time [GAS] reader and employee of GFI, a sys-admin-loved company, Jesmond Darmanin has recently contacted me to let me know about one of his latest creation: PSTPanic!

Basically, PSTPanic! is a site that promotes GFI’s mail archiving solution, GFIMailArchiver (which is great, by the way, else I wouldn’t be posting about it), and features a fun little contest that many of you might be interested in participating in.

Do your colleagues hide away in terror when they see you trying to solve .pst problems? Has that throbbing vein in your forehead become more prominent ever since you became an administrator? Do you suffer from PST panic?

You’re not alone! Post a photo of yourself showing us what .pst panic does to you. Does it make you cry? Crawl under your desk in hope that it will sort itself out when you emerge? Make you set your PC on fire?

Once you’ve uploaded a picture with your panic-stricken face on it, other users of the site can then rate your entry from 1 (not frustrated) to 10 (extremely frustrated). The person with the highest score wins first prize, an gift certificate worth $250. There are many nice prizes to be won, so head over there and send in your pictures!

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