Monday Morning Links Serving: The October 13th Edition

-Free Alternatives to 10 Popular Commercial Mac Applications (Part 1 | Part 2)
Why pay for certain applications when you can get another which works almost (or just) as well for free?

52 Things To Do With Google
You can do a lot more than search the web with Google nowadays, from reading newspapers in languages you don’t speak to seeing the natural habitat of Komodo dragons.

13 Great Free Backup Programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Making sure you’ve got a reliable backup solution is a must for any user – and more so for an administrator. Why? Well, mostly because your users probably aren’t very good at remembering to back up their own files. And so it falls to you to provide the right software for the job!

Five Best Media Converters
We’ve all been there: you’ve downloaded an episode of your favorite TV show to watch on your commute or stream to your living room, but the file you downloaded isn’t supported on the device you want to use it with.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Geeks & Hackers of 2008
From hackers to DNA decoders to copyright crackers, each of these elite members of the technorati have caused enough of a stir in the online community to make their peers nervous. In no particular order, here are the who’s who of this year’s digital underground.


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