Landline phone use falling in favor of mobile phones

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The European Commission has released an interesting report which says that people in Europe are increasingly shunning the use of landline phones in their homes in favor of using only their mobile phones instead.

This is due to the ever-increasing costs of monthly line rentals.   Many phone companies are realizing that the line rental costs are putting people off and this has sparked a price war between the various companies to see who can offer the better deal.    But nevertheless, more and more people are apparently still turning away in favor of their mobiles.

I for one can see the financial advantages, but one downside to shunning a landline is that you won’t be able to take advantage of broadband Internet access in your area.    Where I live, Deutsche Telekom offers your phone landline and the internet broadband together in one package – it can’t be split up.   I imagine it’s the same deal elsewhere in the world, no matter what company you’re signed up with.

What about you?   Have you given up your landline phone in favor of your mobile?   If so, what advantages have you got out of it?   Have you been able to get your Internet access separately?  Do you see yourself going back to a landline phone in the future?

Cell phone popularity growing in Europe – Via Yahoo News

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