Monday Morning Links Serving: The September 29th Edition

Battle of the Linux Distros
Today we’re taking a look at the real differences between three popular distributions of open-source software, and offering our readers their chance to weigh in on why they like their own particular open-source OS.

Increase your productivity by using 2 monitors
How’d you like to increase your office productivity by as much as 50%? Add a second monitor to your computer setup. Once you do, you’ll never go back to using only one monitor again.

The 50 most significant moments of Internet history
We decided to plough the history of the entire Internet, from the roots of its underlying technology, to the Web properties that helped it explode, the litigation it endured on the way and disasters companies have suffered as a result of the Net’s popularity.

20 tips to help you work smarter with OS X
MacFormat magazine has reached its 200th issue and to celebrate, they’ve published 200 unmissable Mac tips. Here are 20 that caught our eye.

Famous tech myths that just won’t die
One day, Bill Gates was standing on a street corner, watching the clouds roll by. Absentmindedly, he dropped a $1,000 bill out of his pocket. A bystander noticed and said, “Are you going to pick that up?”

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