Microsoft Releases First “I’m a PC” Ad

Microsoft has launched its “I’m a PC” ad campaign last night, and compared to what they have done with their “Seinfeld and Gates” commercials, this ad really drives a point home. It seems that PC users are not at all like what Apple would like people to believe, and some of them can even be pretty darn sexy too!

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  1. This one is definitely not as abstract as the previous commercials. As whacky as the Seinfeld stuff seemed, I know some people still considered it successful marketing due to the buzz it's created. Doesn't matter so much if you love it or hate it as much that it polarizes you, and gets people to talk about it.

  2. See, now that's a great commercial. Even though I've always found the I'm a Mac/I'm a PC commercials to be funny, I'm not really fond of stereotypes like that. I liked the "switcher" ads a lot better.

  3. Thats so crap, thats everything macs are too, isn't promotion meant to be about what you have better than your competitors??? PC, you officially suck

    • To answer your question Peter, no.

      Because you have used three question marks to ask one question, I don't believe you have the attention span to read the entire article. I will give you the abridged version. A sales promotion is a technique using coupons and advertisements to increase sales of a product. Comparison is one of many available methods of making an advertisement work.

      peter pan, you officially suck

  4. Peter Pan and monkey boy, by any chance are you guys Mac or Linux users?

    Computers are a machines, built to suit the user's needs. This is the point it is getting across, that the PC is for everyone. Not just stuck up Uni Students in trendy clothes.

    So how bout you take your ignorance elsewhere?

  5. My definition.

    Mac = low IQ, likes the sound of his/her mouse clicking.

    P.C. = average/high IQ. wants to know why his/her mouse clicks.

  6. Mac's are just for the other people who are not broght enough to use a PC. That commercial was great so much better then the Mac ones that make up blatent lies.

  7. I'm a Linux user and I didn't think it was that bad. I thought that this commercial was one of Microsoft's better ones and actually had a point. The Seinfeld ones made it look like Microsoft was trying to be too artsy, but I think that this one is a great improvement.

  8. I believe that Apple is pretty lame for making that pc/mac commercial. There is nothing more dishonorable than someone saying "my products is awesome, the competitor's product sux". It's a new low and it definitely shows how desperate apple is for attention. PLUS, a bit of false advertising here and there, saying that MAC has no viruses or crash problems and all…LOL…that's because no one bothered to make any because nobody used to use one. NOW, things changed, you can find viruses for mac.

  9. What a bunch of fools.

    A computer is a tool.

    I having used pcs since before the IBM PC was even born.

    I will tell it you straight. Computers are good if you have good hardware inside but most peoples PCs don't they have the cheapest rubbish going in their box. Apples don't have the best hardware in them either but its usually better than 90% of the PC backstreet vendors junk. Computers are good if they have a solid OS. Unfortunately PCs mostly run microsofts OS so they fall at the second hurdle if they didn't at the first. OSX is alot more stable and handles the hardware alot better. But there is always many variations of unix, linux if you have some good solid PC hardware to run it on.

    Microsoft should stay out off the debate as its their software that makes the PC so bad.

    But then I guess that's why they feel the need. Apple had good reason as they were behind Microsoft in sales. Microsoft just look weaker every day like someone running scared.

  10. I'm a computer programmer, and I'm a pc.

    god… please help me. I hate being a PC. every night before i go to sleep i beg for your swift, merciful hand to take me away from this harsh, unforgiving place… I can't even count the number of time's i've thought about ending it all myself… help me… I hate being a PC… I just want it all to end….

  11. Hi all,

    My name is mike and I'm a builder, and a member of the human race.I use a pc to make my life easier, it spells for me, it deletes, changes size of words and there layout on its monitor. It saves paper and time helping me to prepare quotations and invoice documents. It stores my accounts and my addresses and allows me to recover all these bits of info instantly. It never gets tired or needs food, sex or sleep. It does not need love or payment to perform. It does not care if it is left all alone or if it is connected to thousands of others.

    I am a human not a pc

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