Top Ten Sexiest Fictional Geeks – Part 2

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Without further delay, the continuation of the Sexiest Fictional Geeks list! (Though if you missed Part I, be sure to check it out first.)

5. Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)
The Cocky Geek

Dr. Ian MalcolmI seem to remember Michael Crichton describing Malcolm as a rock star academic… as if that were somehow a bad thing. I for one think it’s totally sexy how geeks are getting to be celebrities these days, and the fictional chaos theory expert was one of the first of this breed. He’s the kind of geek who almost seems a little too cocky to be a geek, but that’s what makes geek know-it-alls way better than any other kind–they actually do know it all. And as for Jeff Goldblum, well, between Jurassic Park and Independence Day, he really was the geek for a while. Sexiest Geek Trait: rock star confidence about his math skills.

Abby Sciuto4. Abby Sciuto (NCIS)
The Lab Geek

What is it about a goth in a lab coat? Abby has degrees in sociology, criminology, psychology, and forensic science. She also has at least nine tattoos (with hints of more that she can’t show on network TV). She’s a great example of how there’s more to a geek than meets the eye. Underneath the scientist is the black-clad goth who sleeps in a coffin, and underneath that, one of the sweetest, bubbliest personalities you’ll ever see. And those pigtails? Anyone ever had a fantasy about a schoolgirl in chem lab? Sexiest Geek Trait: tattoos hidden underneath a lab coat.

3.  The Doctor (Doctor Who)
The Fanboy Geek

The DoctorTo me, one of the defining characteristics of a geek is a desire to know everything. And that’s really what the Doctor is all about–insatiable curiosity and an endless supply of knowledge. And whereas some of his previous incarnations have seemed almost too sage and dignified to be geeky, Ten kind of puts a whole new spin on it considering what a total fanboy he is. Not only does he have that thirst for knowledge, but he really appreciates it, and the people he meets along the way. Just watching how excited he gets when meeting Agatha Christie or William Shakespeare or Queen Victoria… it’s like watching someone in the autograph line at a SciFi convention. And he might not have the scarf, but that suit! Those specs! Not to mention the TARDIS… Sexist Geek Trait: the best ride in town.

Willow Rosenberg2.  Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
The Well-Rounded Geek

You know how they say that technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic… and if it works the other way around, then witches are the sexy geeks of the future. Of course, in Willow’s case, she had the sexy geek thing going for her before the ultimate, cosmic power. And both sides of her are completely useful–she’s like two geeks in one! As Buffy pointed out in a recent issue of the Season 8 comic book series, sometimes you need “broomstick action Willow” but sometimes you need “Laptop Geek Willow.” Sexiest Geek Trait: can kick your ass and fix your computer.

1. Spock (Star Trek)
The Protogeek

Really, what is there to say? He’s Spock. Is it the ears? Maybe it’s the ears. I for one always found it strange that the “no emotions” member of the crew got more action than anyone else on the Enterprise with the exception of Kirk (who was of course the reigning Space Player until Captain Jack Harkness came along). I’ve seen a lot of speculation over the years about what it is about Spock that women find so attractive… but I’m afraid I still can’t explain it. Such is the awesome power of the geek. Sexiest Geek Trait: hot, steaming logic.

And there you have it, the top ten sexiest fictional geeks. It was so difficult to trim down the list that I think I need to have a few honorable mentions: Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Hiro Protagonist (Snow Crash), Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones), Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files), Winifred Burkle (Angel), Dr. Samantha Carter (Stargate: SG1), Dr. David Sandstrom (Regenesis), Zoe Heriot (Doctor Who). So many geeks, so little time…

Who among your favorite geeks didn’t make the list? Who would be your number one geek?