Top Ten Sexiest Fictional Geeks – Part 1

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As the newest writer here at GAS I consider it my obligation to begin by demonstrating just how sexy I find geeks to be.  Though there is definitely something to be said for real-life geeks, what about the fictional ones?  Whereas geeks might be more thought of for lusting over fictional super heroes, robots, or aliens, I for one prefer to lust over geeks. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a straight gal, but I can still definitely appreciate a sexy girl geek when I see one.

10. Dr. Daniel Jackson (Stargate)
The Scientist Geek

Now, before you start yelling, “Where’s Michael?!” let me remind you that a geek’s sexiness can come from within, and so the actor that plays said fictional geek is immaterial… and you have to admit, there’s just something about the hapless geekiness of Daniel in the film, before the military starts to whip him into shape (geeks do not generally wear leather that well). Feel free to debate the relative merits of James Spader versus Michael Shanks, but I think I just need to recuse myself on that one and focus on the merits of the archeologist/linguist instead. Sexiest Geek Trait: can talk dirty in 23 languages.

9. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
The Engineering Geek

There is definitely something sexy about geeks and their toys, and you don’t get much steamier than Kaylee and Serenity. You’ve got to love a girl who can sweet-talk an engine like that. And the best part about her mechanical ability is that it’s all instinct, all self-taught. She’s got a real love for engineering, and that’s what makes her the very best kind of geek. And sure, she cleans up nice, but she still looks at her best in overalls with a smudge of grease on her nose. Sexiest Geek Trait: willing to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty.

8. Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
The Stereotypical Geek

A code monkey with a comic book fetish who quotes Star Trek… and ends up with great power. Not to mention a couple of cute girls and a bad-ass sword. He’s every geek’s dream, and he’s just so darn adorable. How can you not love this guy? And I know more than one girl who got a shiver at Hiro-from-the-future. Yet he still manages to be just as cute with his pocket protector as he is dressed all in black toting a Samurai sword.  Did he make anyone else think of another fictional swordsman named Hiro?  This is a geek with major potential. Sexist Geek Trait: chivalry.

7. Percy Weasley (Harry Potter)
The By-the-Book Geek

Sure, he might not be the most likable character in the Harry Potter universe, but I always found his geekiness rather endearing.  Of course, I also admit that I may be influenced by my personal fondness for redheads and the fact that I’ve met Chris Rankin in person and immediately wanted to marry him.  Still, there’s something to be said for A) the redeemable prat, and B) a geek with an authority fetish. Percy is that sort of stiff, starched-collar, rule-quoting geek that you just want to mess up because it would be oh so much fun. Sexiest Geek Trait: enough of a stiff upper lip to make you think that there’s something interesting lurking just below the surface.

6. Dr. Toshiko Sato (Torchwood)
The Technogeek

As it turns out, the Torchwood team really do have jobs that require more than perpetuating sexual tension, and Tosh’s job title is “Technical Expert.” In other words, she’s the resident geek, and she’s really good at it. And though she might not have steamed up the TV screen as much as her boss and his fellas, she had a tryst with an alien disguised as a hot woman, and then went back to saving the day with her computer savvy. Sexiest Geek Trait: endearing shyness coupled with complete obliviousness to her own hotness.

Don’t miss Part II of this very sexy (geeky) list! I may already have my picks decided, but who do you think will make the top five?