Sylvester Stallone as the Dark Knight?

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Just when the Batman movies were starting to get on the right track, they may be heading for a major derailment.

Wired is reporting a rumor that Christopher Nolan is about to jump ship and that an artist and director called Frank Miller wants Sylvester Stallone to become Batman.  My girlfriend, who works in a cinema, has her colleagues around for dinner tonight and when I told them all the rumour, they all had a bit of a shout and then headed straight for the alcohol supply! (they take their movies very seriously!)   No-one had any appetite for dinner!   Oh well, more food for me!

On the plus side, Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman are allegedly being considered for roles in the next film, according to Michael Caine.   Depp seems to be in the running for the Riddler (apt role) and Hoffman for the Penguin.

But Sylvester Stallone?   No, no, no!   Christian Bale is the perfect Batman.   Let’s not screw that up by firing him and replacing him with monosyllable Stallone who can’t act to save himself.    If Rocky gets into the batsuit, we’ll be one step away from the 1960’s Adam West version.

Please let it just be a rumour!

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  1. Um… Miller is talking about Stallone for a screen adaptation of his graphic novel, The Dark Night Returns, not for the current Nolan-directed Batman.

    I haven't read the Miller's work, but Stallone seems as good a choice as any for an over the hill, alcoholic Bruce Wayne. The dude had acting chops in his day and has even shown flashes of that skill in films like Copland.

    Regarding Hoffman… that's nothing but a rumor according to Hoffman himself, though one I'd like to see come true. PSH would make a kick ass Penguin.

    • You haven't read Miller's work!?! Dark Knight Returns is a must read. It's what reinvented Batman in films as something other than a campy parody of what is in the comics. That and pre-Sin City Frank Miller is some of the best comic book writing ever. Ronin was also one of my favorites I'd like to see brought to the big screen. If you ever saw Batman The Animated Series they did an episode where there were 3 stories about Batman that kids were telling and they were each an homage to different writers and artists – one was Frank Miller's Batman – the one where his voice was done by Michael Ironside (who also did Dark Seid for JLU). I'd settle for an animated version of Dark Knight Returns, panel for panel. There's a female Robin, he actually kills the Joker, takes on Superman with the help of an old one-armed Green Arrow, and the Batmobile was a tank. Good Stuff.

  2. Frank Miller wrote and drew the original 1986 Batman comic mini-series "The Dark Knight Returns", about a 55-year-old batman who comes out of retirement to fight crime. DKR is pretty much the basis for the gritty batman we know and love today. Miller also wrote the comics on which the movies "300" and "Sin City" were based.

    Until "The Spirit" is released, we won't know much about his directing chops, but he's certainly earned his Batman Cred. That said, I doubt they'd actually discontinue the Christian Bale franchise; I suspect this rumor is more of a "who would you want to see playing Batman if DKR was made into a movie?" sort of thing.

  3. i think stallone wouldn't be that bad as the old batman. i think it could work out pretty well actually. and really he's probably got close to if not already the build of how batman would be at that age. especially if you compare stallone to an image of batman from dkr. batman is huge!

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