Why every geek needs a calling card

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

I just love it when I stumble across a fantastic new blog, and last night was no exception.   Yesterday’s new find was “The Art of Manliness” and the article that especially caught my attention was “The Gentleman’s Guide to the Calling Card”.   I highly recommend you read it.  Even though it’s aimed towards a male audience, it’s equally relevant towards females I would say.

A calling card was used in the 19th and early 20th century to introduce oneself at the front door of a house when you arrived to meet the resident.  I’m sure if you’ve watched television period dramas, you’ve seen the butler stand at the door with the silver dish and the visitor placing their card on the dish.   Well the calling card eventually became extinct as with all other things, but now in the modern technology-driven 21st century, it seems to be making a curious comeback.

Imagine you’re at a tech conference.  You’re networking and talking shop.   You want to exchange contact details with the others or you want to make sure that the guy you’re talking to remembers your blog URL.   Or you want to get your Twitter ID out to as many people as possible.   Maybe you want people to remember your Facebook profile URL?  Then the best way to do that is to make calling cards with the details professionally printed on them and then hand them out.

As “The Art Of Manliness” blog post points out, a business card is too stiff, formal and offputting to a lot of people.   Whereas a calling card can be designed to be informal, fun and curious.   You can make it reflect your personality, cut out bland things such as your mailing address and phone numbers and instead focus on techie things such as your blog, IM address, social networking details and email.   Focus on things that lets the recipient get to know you as a person.

Plus calling cards are great for dates.   Nervous about asking someone out?   Give them a calling card and let them check out your Facebook profile first!

Do you have a calling card?   If so, what details do you have on it?

The Gentleman’s Guide To The Calling Card – The Art of Manliness

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