Monday morning links serving: The September 8th edition

How to Set Up a Laptop Security System
As students flock back to the library and the rest of us head back to the coffee shop for a warm drink and free Wi-Fi, the safety and security of our laptops—and all of the important and sensitive information they hold—are of the utmost importance.

iPhone VoIP Apps: The Top Softphones For iPhone
With a choice of softphones available now for iPhone, there’s literally no limit to the number of calls that can be made for free or at a massively reduced rate.

Microsoft calling up Gurus to take on Apple’s Geniuses
As part of its efforts to shore up Windows Vista’s battered reputation, Microsoft has revealed plans for retail helpers that bear a strong resemblance to Apple’s Genius Bar staff.

Playing Windows Games on Linux: What are your options
If you’re a gamer or a recent linux switcher you probably think you can’t play Windows games on your linux box – That’s not the case anymore. In this article we go over 3 solutions to get yourself gaming on Linux in no time.

How to Take a Sick Day When You’re Not Sick
Sometimes you just need some time to yourself — to hit a museum, get drunk in the afternoon or play Wii all night without the sound of your boss’s voice ringing in your ears.


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