German Government tells people not to use Google Chrome

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The German Federal Office for Information Security has told people not to use Google Chrome for surfing the internet, saying it is unacceptable to have all internet user information – search engine, email and now browser – with the same company.

The news was broadcasted on “Tagesschau”, Germany’s biggest prime time news show and also in “Berliner Zeitung”, Berlin’s biggest newspaper. Here was what they said (translated from the German) :

The Federal Office for Information Security warned internet users of the new browser Chrome. The application by the company Google should not be used for surfing the internet, as a spokesperson for the office told the Berliner Zeitung. It was said to be problematic that Chrome was distributed as an unfinished advance version. Furthermore it was said to be risky that user data is hoarded with a single vendor. With its search engine, email program and the new browser, Google now covers all important areas on the internet.

Needless to say, the German Government isn’t going to go as far as blocking downloads of Chrome. People will always have the choice of whether to use it or not. But not since the squabble over the Microsoft Windows monopoly has the government spoken up like this over a software application, and I’m sure Google didn’t want publicity like this.

Via Google Blogoscoped