Stimuli 3.0: The evolution of conventional lamps

Are you the kind of person who is sometimes so focused on his work that when you start working on your computer during the day, you don’t realize how long you’ve been staring at your screen until everything is dark around you? I know it has happened to me a few times in the past. However, I wasn’t a parent back then. There’s nothing quite like a child to bring you out of that kind of meditative trance.

So for those of you who can still do that kind of thing, you’ll love what designer Chris Natt has come up with: “[Stimuli 3.0 is] a lighting system whose shape and therefore light output sensitively varies inversely with the surrounding natural light intensity. For example, at dusk, illumination gradually increases as natural light recedes. At the heart of this device is a unique 3 axis gear box which enables this subtle alteration of lighting through an attractive and striking change in form of the device.”

Not only is the concept of “Stimuli 3.0” very interesting, but it also looks totally amazing. Additional pictures after the jump.

[Via YankoDesign]