Monday morning links serving: The September 1st edition

Useful Firefox 3 Configuration Tweaks
Firefox 3 comes with several preferences baked into its options dialogs, but there are still a few you can only access by rolling up your sleeves and digging into its configuration manually.

20 Linux apps you can’t live without
Following the success of our 25 killer apps for Linux post, we’ve dug deep to find the 20 must-have apps you should get your hands on today. Believe us when we say that for Linux users, they’re indispensable.

250 GB Challenge & 5 Tools To Monitor Your Bandwidth
With Comcast announcing a 250 GB cap on its broadband service and Time Warner trialling a tiered service with limits that range from 5 GB to 40 GB, we’ve decided to challenge people to break those caps.

500GB Blowout: How to Supercharge your PS3!
Is that measly 40GB hard drive keeping you from downloading all your favorite movies and games from the PlayStation Store? Here are five easy to follow steps to supercharge your PS3 to a whopping 500 gigs for all your downloading pleasures. Watch the video walkthrough to see how it’s done.

40 Dark and Futuristic Photoshop Effects
A question: what do exploding planets, energy spheres, ethereal lights, ruined cities, telepathic warriors, gloomy nebulas and light-rays all have in common? Answer: they look freaky awesome when you build them in Photoshop.

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