The Best Show You’ve Never Heard Of: ReGenesis

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Living in the U.S., I feel like I often miss out on jewels of television shows because whereas it’s common to run popular American shows in other countries, we rarely get the same consideration.  Or if we do, then they’re “Americanized” versions, which sometimes works (see: The Office) and […]


Clickfree: A Cheap Hardware Backup Solution for Dummies

So, you’ve always wanted to backup your computer’s content, but never took the time to do so. Whether it’s because you don’t have the time, or simply don’t know how to do it, Clickfree is likely the perfect solution for you. The backup system doesn’t require any software install or hardware to configure. Just plug […]

Come on Baby, Run Linspire

Here’s a pretty fun way to start the day: An ad promoting Linspire, one of the many Linux distributions to grace the world. Yeah, I know, this one is pretty old, but fun nonetheless… and good luck getting the tune out of your head! Lyrics after the jump.

Get a Special Preview of the Ninja Handbook!

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you love podcasts as much as I do, you’re probably already familiar with Ask A Ninja.  The Ninja’s helpful tips on how to survive everything from college life to meeting women always work really well for me.  Or rather they would if those tips didn’t result in one […]

Darvaza: A Gate to Hell on Earth

Once upon a time, sometime in the early 70’s, a bunch of geologists were working in the Karakum desert, right in the middle of mother Russia. So while digging a hole for God knows what reason, they stumbled on a huge natural gas deposit, and afraid that the substance might poison the air of the […]

Monday Morning Fun: Slow Motion Face Punches

Who knew that a punch in the face in slow motion could look so fun? Hmmmm, I wonder how much these people had to get paid for them to accept this? I guess we’ll never know!

Monday Morning Links Serving: The September 29th Edition

–Battle of the Linux Distros Today we’re taking a look at the real differences between three popular distributions of open-source software, and offering our readers their chance to weigh in on why they like their own particular open-source OS. –Increase your productivity by using 2 monitors How’d you like to increase your office productivity by […]