Next Big Thing in computing: scented laptops

By Sterling “Chip” Camden
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

In an attempt to make the PC even more personal, ASUS has introduced a new line of notebook computers, the F6 series, that feature colorful case artwork combined with matching fragrances.   The computer apparently actively emits the scent while powered up, since ASUS states that “the lifespan of fragrance depends on actual usage”.

You can choose from four different visual/olfactory combinations:

Floral Blossom
“In glorious pink, this design evokes the imagery of a summer party, leaving the somber feel of conventional laptop designs far behind with its cheerful, floral motif and a floral scent – the most attractive laptop for ladies!”

Translation:  just when you thought you’d be able to survive the overpowering perfume of the lady beside you on the plane, she hits you with another salvo from her computer.

Musky Black
“Boasting a glossy black surface emblazoned with a colorful motif inspired by extreme sports and graffiti art, this model emanates power, daring, and energy with its playfulness and musky scent.”

Musky scent?  I want a computer I can use — I don’t want it to smell like it wants to use me.

Morning Dew
“Realized in a pastel green hue, this graphic motif is inspired by the love and respect for nature. Return to the embrace of Mother Nature for a crisp and refreshing awakening of the senses whenever you work on your notebook.”

If you really want to get back to nature, shut the notebook and go take a walk outside.

Aqua Ocean
“The freedom afforded by a boundless expanse of sky and the energy of breaking waves are captured perfectly on the cover of this notebook. The matching invigorating aquatic scent will keep your days energized!”

I hope it isn’t low tide.

I don’t want my computer to be an air freshener.  I don’t want to rub it on my body, blow my nose in it, or mate with it.  And I don’t want someone else imposing their preferred fragrance on my space.  In my opinion, this idea stinks.

How does it smell to you?

[via Futurismic]

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