Monday morning links serving: The August 25th edition

Hack Your Wii for Homebrew Apps and DVD Playback
Despite the fact that it ships with a DVD drive, for whatever godforsaken reason, the Nintendo Wii doesn’t support DVD playback—until last week, that is, when a homebrew hacker released a tool that enables DVD playback on your Wii.

The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites
These sites let you crunch the numbers, analyze the data, or just look up who that one guy is in that one movie.

20 Crazy Things People Do to Get Wi-Fi Connections
What interesting or out of the ordinary things have you ever done to get connected to the Internet and/or company network, when working remotely?

Fat into muscle – how to turn a beer gut into a six-pack
Fat can be directly converted into muscle, scientists have discovered, raising new hope for overweight people.

How I Stole Someone’s Identity Using the Internet
A little digging on social networks, blogs and Internet search engines lets you put together information about people like pieces of a puzzle—And it’s not a pretty picture for security or privacy.


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