Nurse suspended for brain surgery Facebook photos

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

brain in a jarJust when you thought the Facebook craziness couldn’t get any crazier, the hits just keep on coming!

A Swedish nurse has been suspended from her job after she used the camera from her mobile phone to take pictures of a brain surgery operation she was participating in. She then posted the pictures to her Facebook account.

She was apparently trying to impress her Facebook friends with her cool job – “look I’m staring straight at someone’s brain!  That beats you flipping burgers any day of the week!”

Needless to say, the hospital where she worked totally flipped out and suspended her.    The photos have apparently been removed from the Facebook account and she is said to be “devastated”.

“Devastated”?    How did she think this scenario was going to play out?  With a big fat promotion and pay raise?    Plus the surgeons who stood there and watched her take the pictures should be disciplined too – and that doesn’t even begin to address the lawsuit possibilities when the patient finds out that his brain was on a social network!

and this is me on Facebook…..helping with brain surgery – Times Online

[Picture Source: Flickr]