Pandora Not Long for this World?

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

For years I’ve been an off and on user of Pandora. The “on” times are because Pandora is a very impressive music delivery system that just about reads your mind. The “off” times are because I’m not really much for radio. All of this may be moot, though, as Pandora looks to be in serious trouble.

That trouble first began when the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decided to change the way internet radio royalties work back in April. The change can be basically summed up as “it costs more money” and as Pandora is a free service, that is a serious problem. Pandora is reportedly leaking money and their founder, Tim Westergren, has characterized their present circumstances as a “pull-the-plug” situation.

This news is a terrible blow to Pandora fans everywhere. It provides a fantastic service, a great opportunity for new artists to be discovered, and is quite a work of technological engineering to boot. The bookstore near my college campus even uses it as their in-store radio.

One would think that Pandora would find some way to successfully monetize their service. Their App on the iPhone is one of the most popular in the App Store. They have over a million users. Shouldn’t that enormous user base spell some kind of revenue? I guess not…

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