Help your blog visitors “push up” their browsers

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you run your own blog, you can now do your bit to encourage your readers to upgrade their browsers by installing a program called PushUp on your blog template.

What PushUp does is detect what version of browser your blog visitors are using, and if their version is out of date, it displays a very small and discreet message in the top right hand corner of the screen, complete with a download link to the newest version.

You are also able to customize PushUp to dictate when the message appears, how long it appears for and much more.    But to all intents and purposes, this is an “install it and forget it” package.

Do you have PushUp running on your site?   If so, what are your experiences with it?   Has everything gone smoothly with it so far?

3 Responses to Help your blog visitors “push up” their browsers

  1. The last thing I want is web sites I visit telling me to update my browser. It is always up to date anyhow, but if it was not I would be pretty annoyed getting constant reminders by sites… especially if for a certain reason I did not want to update. Nope I have not seen it, but already I do not like it. no matter how discreet it is.

  2. actually – i kind of like the idea. i work for a library and this could really help in trouble shooting problems of our low tech customers since some of our online services have known problem with older browsers – but customers don't always know what browser they are using or how to upgrade.

    Maybe would put it just on one trouble shooting page to refer people to when they need help….

  3. Isn't it too much? I guess for some tech/securiy websites, it makes sense, but for the whole wide web? I think it's way too much. I guess it can be useful, but I don't think it's the website's job to do it. I wouldn't want someone to stop me in the street to remind me I forgot the milk… It can be helpful, but it's somewhat private information. Well, it's not technically private, but if your website doesn't have to know and use this information, it should definitely not show it. Especially if it's gonna be yet another "box" on your blog.

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