iPhone Firmware Version 2.0.1 Has Launched

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

iPhone LagFor any of you who have either purchased a new 3G iPhone or upgraded your old one, you’ve probably noticed your iPhone acting up.  All kinds of problems have been reported, but personally I’ve experienced:

  • Frequent crashes
  • Lag in on-screen controls
  • Lag in on-screen keyboard (can’t keep up with typing)
  • Lag in audio sounds associated with the keyboard
  • Reproducible bug that takes audio and video permanently out of sync

Now crashes are to be expected on a device as new and complex as the iPhone.  They are usually the result of trying to do too many things at the same time and using up all the available memory.  The other issues, though, interfere with the core functionality of the iPhone.  I’m amazed that true design flaws managed to find their way into the iPhone’s iPod program and then leave the testing facility unfixed.  Clearly with that kind of sloppiness, the development team must have had a lot of pressure on them.

Anyway, it seems that this is all in the past.  Yesterday evening, Apple pushed iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 to iTunes.  Thus far I have tested as many known bugs as I can and I haven’t found anything still outstanding.  There may still be a little lag in the volume control display, but it’s much less noticeable.  Almost every App I have downloaded to date has now updated itself so that is probably a factor as well.  As an added bonus, the iPhone now syncs faster and doesn’t take as long to back-up.

As an unsurprising sidenote, Kevin Rose (@kevinrose), founder of Digg,  twittered this message to his followers yesterday:

“rumor: iphone 2.01 update to be released in the next 10 mins”

He was right on the money.  Man, is Kevin ever well-connected.

[Image from Apple and Kevin’s Twitter]

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