Female German cops to be provided with bulletproof bras

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

I don’t know if female cops in the US are given this level of protection but female law enforcers here in Germany are to be provided with three bulletproof bras each after some complained that the normal bulletproof vest made their conventional bras cut into their skin causing injury.

The new bras are now required wearing, but what I find funny is that they are emblazoned with the word POLIZEI (German for police).   Assuming that the bra is worn like any other bra (underneath the clothing), who is going to see the word “polizei”, except the officer herself and perhaps her partner when she gets dressed and undressed each day?

I would like to know what stopping power this bulletproof bra has.    Obviously it can stop a shot from a pistol (at least I’d like to hope so) but how about something more powerful?   Are any GAS readers experts in bullet-proof vests?   What kind of stopping power does a standard bullet-proof vest have?

This is a really good idea and should be required wearing for ALL female police officers in all police forces around the world.

Via Daily Telegraph

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