Monday Morning Links Serving: The August 4th Edition

Top 10 Command Line Tools
When you need something done quickly, efficiently, and without any software overhead, the command line is where it’s at.

Linux tip: Job scheduling with cron and at
How to enjoy life while your system works.

Majority of banking websites found insecure
A new study from the University of Michigan has found that more than 75 percent of banking websites are not completely up to snuff when it comes to security.

The Virus Professor
Why one college instructor is teaching his students how to create computer viruses.

How To Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Modem
Here at a few of us were excited about turning our iPhones into wireless modems with the $10 NetShare application — but none of us could get it to work. Fortunately, we got our connections up and running with some help straight from NetShare’s maker, Nullriver. So we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial in case you’re stuck, too.


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