Google Street View car caught driving in bus lane

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

In what is sure to be a public relations embarrassment for Google, their Street View car was stopped by British police in the centre of Bradford a few days back – for driving in the bus lane.

At first they didn’t stop and the police had to put their lights and siren on before the distinctive Google car with their logo and large rooftop mounted camera finally came to a halt in a car park.

The police officers decided in the end to take no action and sent the Google employees on their way.

The Google spokeswoman though could use some grammar training.   Spot the boob-boob :

“The vehicle had driven down a bus only lane and the officer just pulled him over to see what he was doing”

“He explained that we was from Google and had permission to be in the area, and he was sent on his way

Google has just begun filming its Street View service in Britain and it has proven to be extremely controversial.  Having the cars flouting traffic rules isn’t going to endear Google to the locals either.