Monday Morning Links Serving: The July 28th Edition

The Best Tech Tools and Fitness Plans to Get in Shape
If there’s one thing geeks and non-geeks alike all share, it’s an aversion to exercise. No matter how much you’d like to slim your waistline and lose the belly, it’s difficult to find a workout routine that not only works, but one that fits your needs and is easy to stick to.

JPG, PNG or GIF: How to Choose an Image Format for Screenshots
You may use the good-old Print Screen key or any of the professional screen capture tools to grab your desktop but the basic requirement remains same – the output image should be sharp and that the file size be well within a reasonable limit.

10 ways to make Linux boot faster
On those infrequent occasions when you need to reboot Linux, you may find that the process takes longer than you’d like. We share a number of tricks you can use to reduce boot times.

How To Quickly Break Into Your Car
A simple how-to locksmithing guide for breaking into your car when you’ve locked yourself out.

How to Build Your Own Speakers: Step-by-Step Guide
Forget those mass-produced stereos—the road to top-quality sounds begins in your house, not at Best Buy.

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