StumbleAudio lets you find new music – but for how long?

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As I’ve pointed out before, it’s inevitable that when a successful website pops up, clones start forming around it to ride piggyback on its success, most of the clones being mediocre to say the least.   But I have to say that I like the latest Stumbleupon clone that has appeared – StumbleAudio – which as the name suggests, lets you stumble through music to find new songs and singers.

Unlike Stumbleupon though, there’s no toolbar to install.   You just go to the site, choose your music genre then press the “stumble” button.    Don’t like the album it gives you?   Then press the “stumble” button again and another one pops up.

Despite there being links to buy the music on iTunes, Amazon or on CD, you have to wonder how legal this site is.   The songs are being played in full and it won’t be long until someone works out how to hack the site and steal the music files.    How much do you want to bet the RIAA is looking at this site right now and plotting how to take it down?

So my advice would be – enjoy StumbleAudio while it lasts because the webmaster will probably be getting a takedown notice soon.

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