Hire a Bigfoot hunter on eBay

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Isn’t it nice to know that eBay takes care of all your needs?   Whatever you need to get through your day, eBay has it covered.    Wait…..is that Bigfoot driving through the neighborhood on his bike causing a disturbance?   Man… not again!   Don’t worry though!  eBay to the rescue!

With all the stories and rumors surrounding the legend of Bigfoot, I think it is time to have the right person hunting (searching) for the real answers. Most of the TV shows,books,and articles covering the search for Bigfoot are a joke. Nothing but pure amatuers (sic). Most searches involve people setting up trail cameras,etc.,in stationary settings,this is totally the wrong approach. My methods would be covering lots and lots of territory in very remote country.I have been a big game hunter nearly all of my life and am an experienced big game hunting guide and am currently employed by a big game hunting outfitter in Wyoming.Contact me if you would be interested in funding an expedition that will get results.

All for the bargain basement price of $150,000.

Oh and don’t forget shipping costs of $15.95 Priority Mail! I’d love to see the postman dragging a Bigfoot up the driveway and fitting him in the mailbox. I wonder if USPS will deliver him internationally?

Via Boing Boing

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