Monday Morning Links Serving: The July 14th Edition

10 Tools to Overhaul Your Windows Interface
The following apps will let you overhaul your Windows interface and add some eye candy and usability enhancements at the same time.

15 Killer Web Apps That’ll Rock Your World
An awesome list of web applications that are worth checking out. Most of them might be unheard of but still they are fun and deserve recognition!

Top 10 Modern Life Survival Skills
Avoid everyday problems and modern mini-calamities by arming yourself with the right know-how before you head out into the world.

5 Exercises Computer Guy Should NOT Be Doing
When designing yourself an exercise program, it is important to create goals and choose exercises based on their potential benefits as well as risks. As geeks we have to be mindful of our posture and the implications it will have on our workouts.

Firefox 3 features you may not know
While the awesome bar, download pause and resume, malware protection, the new themes, and serious performance improvements are perhaps the most representative features introduced with Firefox 3, here are some other useful ones you may not be aware.

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